Cool projects with the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has bee around for awhile as a kit which places computing in the palm of your hand, and reportedly Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Still Selling Like Hot Cakes. It gives you a low cost computer which can be loaded with a number of basic OS (See their downloads). This machine can be modified with a growing range of projects, and there are a good collection of teaching resources to go with it. There are two new crowd funded projects that will be worth following, Pi-Top and Durio Sound. Both of these show health development in the micro computing area.

Pi-Top is a Laptop developed from the Raspberry Pi, and although it’s not one of the $100 laptops or part of the one laptop per child thing that was happening a few years back. It is something you can construct yourself and will help develop you understanding of computer hardware.
The second project is Durio Sound, another Raspberry Pi that adds a 24-bit 192kHz ultimate sound quality with the lowest possible distortion to your Raspberry Pi.

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