Professional Development


PauseFest 2015 (9th Feb – 15th Feb 2015)



Seminar: Inclusion and education in Scandinavia (27th Nov 2014)

A seminar run by Victoria University presenting the work of four Scandinavian academics

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (29th Oct 2014)

Michael Fullan presented on New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and talked a bit about critical factors in enacting change.

NICTA’s Prefect Match Breakfast (29th Oct 2014)

This breakfast had members of Industry-Research partnerships talk about how they built their relationships and the projects.

Google’s CS4HS, Networks within Networks (18th Oct 2014)

  • I presented a simple ICT task for use in most subjects, a Choose your own adventure using powerpoint or keynote.
  • Michael presented Think ICT, a year 9 program that covers project management and allows students to pursue, Genius Hour style, a personal projectof their choice.
  • Aemd from St Monica’s College gave us a great overview of how they run the IT side of their school, and how it supports the curriculum. In particular Moodle and Twitter.
  • Rachel gave an overview of weebly and it’s use in the curriculum
  • Jaimie from Google talk about Google Classroom.

Mindfulness in Education (9th Sept 2014)

  • Nimrod Sheinman talking about his 15 year project on using mindfulness techniques in school and the positive effects on the students.

In-house PD Day (25th Aug 2014)

  • The first session focuses on innovative uses for the iPad for education. In particular, Aurasma, for augemented reality experiences.
  • The second session gave an overview of differentiating Gifted & Talented students and meeting their needs.

DLTV Conference (25th Jul 2014)

  • Session #1: Unreal Technology
    • This session run by AIE demonstrated the use of a high quality gaming engine in education.
  • Session #2: Gaming in Education
    • This session focused more on physical games and play as a way of developing thinking skills.
  • Session #3: Building effective design briefs and tasks
    • This session provided practical examples of how to take the VCAA’s Study Design and transform it into design briefs and tasks for a VCE subject.
  • Session #4: How cognitive research informs the teaching of algorithmic thinking
    • This linked together cogniative research with the teaching of algorithmic thinking in IT.

Adobe Presenter & Voice (5th Jun 2014)

  • Looking at how Adobe Presenter and Adobe Voice can be used in an educational context.



The Future of Storytelling (Oct to Dec 2013)

  • The Future of Storytelling MOOC, which focuses on writing stories for TV, the Web, Games, and Multimedia.It was an 8 week course from October to December taking about 3 hours a week. (24 hours)

Broadening Participation in ICT (6th & 7th Sept 2013)

  • Mobilephone App development with AppInventor as a way of engaging students with Information Technology and Algorithmic thinking.

Pixar Animation & Story Masterclass (5th & 6th June 2013)

  • The Friday looked at how Pixar creates it’s stories, the basic framework they use, and how they workshop them to reach their high quality .
  • The Saturday focused on animation techniques. They outlined what they look for in an animator, some of the specialities that they have, and