Blender No2Go

The main idea behind the Blender No2Go course is to enable a student to start from nothing through a series to tasks and exercises to be able to find your own way with the Blender software. In Edu-speak, to become a self-directed learner in control of your own knowledge acquisition.

  1. Introduction to Blender
  2. Creating Credits
  3. Basic Modelling
  4. Materials & Textures
  5. Mini Project: Stellar Cartography
  6. Creating Environments
  7. Modelling a Vehicle
  8. Present an advanced skill
    1. Organic Modelling
    2. Rigging
    3. Organic Modelling
  9. Animation Cycle, walk cycles
  10. Pop-up town
  11. Adding Sound & an intro to video editing
  12. Project: Comic Book Style -> Alternative Rendering styles – Cycles & Freestyle
  13. Special FX Editing
  14. Short Film Project

This is the current plan, and more topics will be hyper-linked here once I rewrite the topics