Wrangling YouTube

Over the last decade or so, there has been a shift towards video content managed by a very small number of video hosting sites. I find myself following more creators for the topics and emerging technological trends I want to stay up to date with.

Although it’s an excellent educational resource, its ad-driven funding model makes it a distraction. So how can you reclaim your own mind?

Chrome & Chromium-base, including Microsoft Edge having Manifest V3 and Alphabet (aka Google) possibly playing silly buggers with the streaming of YouTube content.

Mozilla Firefox delayed the implementation of Manifest V3 for a bit. Allowing the modification of its extension system.

Add-ons used

So I’ve added the following extensions/Add-ons to my Web Browser.

  1. For Ad-Blocking. uBlock Origin should be enough, but I also have AdBlock, and AdBlock Plus.
  2. Unhook, can reduce the additional distractions on the page.
  3. PocketTube to cluster subscriptions by topic.