Classic arcade games, now online

Thank you to TechCrunch¬†for this gem. Maybe it’s a desire to relive my misspent young or to show the artful game play of old games to a new generation. Either way this collection of over 900 games is now playable online in the Internet Arcade via a web-browser. This builds on The Console Living Room, which offers up emulators of ’70s & ’80s consoles in all their hideous glory.

Even with retro gaming currently being popular, I doubt this collection would have much use educationally, except for a way of analysing the game play of old games or reviewing the game from a modern perspective. Both of which are not likely to yield educational benefits that could offset the distractions caused by the games.

However, the technology behind it is cooler and could provide an example of a cleaver coding project, with a JavaScript based emulator (JSMESS) being created and embedded into a web browser by Jason Scott.