Tips for Making Tutorials

The following video has some good points to remember when making a tutorial. it is the kind of stuff I prefer, Quick & to the point, which also applies to the classroom. So onwards …

Points for making tutorials

  1. Remember the 3 rules of Youtube
    1. Title & Thumbnail get people to click
    2. First 5 second, to hook people (get them to watch)
    3. The rest of the video get them to comeback
  2. The title os the video should be quick and to the point
    • How to do <x> with <Y software> in <Z> minutes
  3. Video Thumbnail is directly related to the content of the video.
    • It should be the final product, not a random Photoshop image. Use High-quality free assets in the project for better polish.
    • Include the software’s icon in the thumbnail, just not in the bottom right, because of Youtube’s timestamp
  4. Use the first 5 seconds for useful information and to cut to the chase.
    • Links to all the assets/resources are in the description.
  5. All links in the description
    • Make them free and easy to access on a common public website. This way they will be available “forever” (or a long time).
    • Have a link to the final version of the project
    • Code/Software:
    • Text Assets:
    • Audio Assets: ????
    • Video Assets: ????
  6. The video itself
    • Clear through each step of the tutorial, until done.
    • Practice a few times for smoother delivery and reduce editing
    • Target to your audience: ie noobs vs XPerienced, etc.
  7. Wrap-up. Now it’s done, some self-promotion…
    • Support me via short courses, Patreon, etc. “Links in the Description”
    • Feed the algorithm with Like, Subscribe, & Bell.